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Foundations of Mind is an affinity group of researchers across Johns Hopkins University, sharing an interest in foundational questions about the mind and brain. We hold events, lead reading groups, and organize social gatherings intended to promote interdisciplinary engagement towards these questions.

Member departments include Cognitive Science, Philosophy, Psychological & Brain Sciences, and the Zanvyl Krieger Mind/Brain Institute.

Check out our News and Events pages to learn more about recent goings-on. You can also see some of the more public activities of our members on our Media page.

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Postdoctoral Fellow

Fall 2023: We are hiring a postdoctoral fellow! This position is for a candidate who would work closely with incoming Co-Director E. J. Green, and is one of multiple positions that will be available through Foundations of Mind. Click to learn more.

Welcome to E. J. Green

Fall 2023: The Foundations of Mind Group is thrilled to welcome E. J. Green to Johns Hopkins University. E. J. is a philosopher of mind and cognitive science, and arrives as both Miller Associate Professor of Philosophy and also Co-Director of our group. Learn more about E. J. and his research here.

We’re live!

The Foundations of Mind Group has a new website — and this is it! Stay tuned for new events and announcements associated with our revamped group.


Workshop: The Unity of Consciousness

June 2022: A workshop on the unity of consciousness in split-brain patients and non-human animals, featuring talks by Elizabeth Schechter, Peter Godfrey-Smith, Giorgio Vallortigara.

Workshop: Foundations of Animal Minds

April 2021: A workshop on animal minds, featuring talks by Colin Allen, Sam Clarke, Hayley Clatterbuck, Stephen Ferrigno, Chris Krupenye, and Alex Rosati.